Contact Info
Thornden Park Association
PO Box 6604
Syracuse, NY 13217

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Our Mission Statement

The Thornden Park Association (TPA) promotes increased community use of Thornden Park by restoring, revitalizing, and advocating for the park while maintaining its historic integrity.
Who's Who

Thornden Park Association Executive Board 2017-2018

Paul Aviles
Dale Avers
Miranda Hine
Krissy Kirby
Matt Oja                            (Vice-President)
Gwyn Olenych                    (Treasurer)
Judy Oplinger
Rebecca Plank
Tim Rice
Sondra Roth
Carol Simson
Kiva Vandergeest                (President)

TPA Newsletter Coordinator: Athena Mandros

TPA Bulldogs Contact:   Earl “Gator” Darisaw